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Strengthen Human, Technical, and Agile Abilities: Flourish as a business analyst with our comprehensive course.

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6 weeks, 8 hours per week

Enhance your skills and credentials with our specialized program.

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Why this course

Today, the role of a business analyst is vital in powering any successful digital business. Bringing broad and enduring value, business analysts translate business needs into the right buildable solutions and processes. Our Business Analyst course will provide you with an immersed experience in responding to an in-depth scenario that follows each stage of the business analysis lifecycle. You’ll learn the key transferable skills required by a valuable business analyst which are causation, facilitation, problem-solving, work breakdown, and adaptive communication.

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Who this course is for

  • Ideal Candidates: Early and mid-career IT and business professionals, motivated to excel as business analysts and augment their skillset.

  • Also, Beneficial for: Mid-level professionals across diverse roles related to business analysis seeking to collaborate more efficiently with cross-functional teams.

    What you'll learn

  • Learn to Dismantle Business Challenges: Understand how to break down complex business problems into actionable requirements, embracing modern methodologies.

  • Enhance Professional Skills: Hone cognitive and behavioral professional skills crucial to business analysis and stakeholder engagement.

  • Create Business Value: Master communicating the business analysis process and its value creation to stakeholders effectively.

    How it works

    Technical Skills and Real-Life Simulations: Develop broad technical skills, including requirements gathering, process mapping, and user story writing. Experience realistic problem-solving scenarios, learn to adapt to changing requirements, and evaluate non-functional requirements.

Final Showcase: Culminate your learning journey with a final project - present your findings through a stakeholder presentation and a video, showcasing your proficiency.


Course structure

What does a business analyst actually do?

  • Discover Agile Methodology: Learn the importance of Agile and the Agile Manifesto, and understand the techniques frequently used in business analysis.
  • Engage with Stakeholders: Grasp the present state of a business and perform deep-rooted cause analysis.
  • Analyze Business States: Get insights into the current business condition and user experience.

Milestone: Make critical decisions by revising your list of actors, flowchart of processes, and customer experience mapping.


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